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TakePOS Connector PLUS is a new printing system for TakePOS. It is based on the ticket printing library included in Dolibarr.

Integrate the password manager in Dolibarr. Store your passwords safely in your ERP.


Dangerous zone is a module that will allow you to invoices, orders, etc … change the third, change the invoice or order number.

Allow your Dolibarr installation to use multiple databases. The same Dolibarr files and its modules will be available to various companies.

Module that allows saving as orders or estimates from TakePOS.

In this version of ‘Dolibarr Assitant’ only the creation of a basic invoice is implemented. You by modifying the code can add more functions.

With ‘Invoice Express’ you can create an invoice with one click. Very useful if you need to create simple invoices and you don’t want to do 20 clicks to create it.

Automatic backup for Dolibarr being able to choose how often. The copy can also be sent to an ftp server automatically.

Make massive bill payments in TakePOS. You can pay hundreds of invoices by dates, payment method … in a single click.

Module to be able to print directly to the printer. Compatible with a Dolibarr installation in the cloud. You need to install a connector on the computer.


TakePOS, the open source POS included in Dolibarr

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