The following articles deal with the subject on a teorical level.

As a web application we recommend prioritizing services to replace hardware or use easy-to-configure hardware for any IT service according to the TakePOS metaverse concept. We do not sell hardware and we do not provide hardware support as we do not have an international infrastructure for it.

Takepos can be executed in any device with basic requirements like desktop computer, Android, IOS mobile devices or industrial touch screen.

We present some solutions that have already been tested by users. Some TakePOS modules from third-party companies.

Receipt Printers

Any ticket printer compatible with your operating system may be valid. The recommended print type is always native by the browser. TakePOS hardware connectors can also be used. The easiest connector to use today is the TakePOS Connector, the old Java connector and the PHP connector have been discontinued due to security issues with very recent browsers, however they can still be used with complex configurations.

Barcode scanner

Any USB HID interface compatible barcode scanner compatible with your operating system should work.

Payment terminal

The MBI TPE module allows the amount of an invoice to be sent to a payment terminal connected to your network, via the “Concert” 3.1 protocol. Once the transaction is completed, the invoice is updated and the payment generated on Dolibarr.

Customer Display

Customer Display for TakePOS is external module that allows you to take an additional look at what you offer to your customers. Show the customer what he buys, the quantities, discounts and prices, set up advertising for your business, generate trust and interest.


Kitchen monitor

Kitchen monitor is a external module that control what happens in your restaurant, order warehouse and wherever you need it, with TakePos Orders Monitor, you will be able to see in real time the dishes that are sent to the kitchen to be prepared or the merchandise to be delivered to the warehouse. Monitor the delivery of your merchandise efficiently and wherever you want.


Fiscalitzation as Germany and other countries

External module ensures the interfacing of Dolibarr Takepos with the Fiskaly CSPL platform in order to be able to use Takepos in accordance with German regulations. You can show on Youtube https://youtu.be/1nqY9BcciXM. You can get this module for free on simple request if you have a saas account in ab1consulting cloud.


Third-party company solution.

Video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O7PgUPQ7UZQ

POS cash reporting

This Inovea Conseil module allows you to generate cash register Z-tickets and also provides a multi-criteria statistics space (total turnover over a period by category for example, average ticket, breakdown by payment method, VAT rate, ….)